Large Gape Hooks

Have a look into your tackle box and compare the treble size gape on your hard bodies, to the jig head size gape for soft plastics. Trebles are a lot smaller (in general) The bigger gape, on traditional jig heads, is necessary so that the body of the plastic can be bent over the gape to allow for installation. We don`t have that problem with Evolution Jig Heads. You can target small-mouthed fish like Bream and Whiting with whatever size hook you like. W10 is a great size for Bream while W2 suits flathead and the like. Both hooks will fit on the one Evo Jig Head.  You simply can`t do that with traditional jig heads.  The larger the gape, the weaker the hook. Wire diameters need to be increased to add strength to traditional jig heads. If you want to finesse fish with real fine wire hooks, Choose Evolution!