Short Strikes Were Driving Me Crazy !!

So I get up early, get out on the water and start casting for Bass in my local water ways with soft plastics. Time after time the fish would bump or strike at the lure only to have it torn in half with the tail missing. My boat floor would be littered with damaged plastics and I would return to using hard body lures. Why cant we have hook points at the back of soft plastics , just like all hard body lures have? So I set upon making a better jig head. The first was fashioned from a humble paper clip with a treble hook attached and be dammed, I caught a small Bass on it. Got to be something good going on here.  Moving forward and I read an article by Brett Geddes about double hooks and their benefits. It just made perfect sense and the “evolution” of the standard jig head was in motion (hence the company name ) Yes I knew about tying stinger hooks to every plastic but man, thats fiddly and when the fish are on, I was not about to waste my time with tying them to each presentation.